About Me


I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy; I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

How it started

My interest in fitness started when I was 18yo. That was the time when I first bought a gym pass. I was always very skinny, so I wanted to put on some muscle.

At the beginning was very hard, most probably with mistakes at the beginning, luckily there was always someone who came over to help.

The Beginning

At the same time, I was working in hospitality starting as a bartender, ended up as a Bar Manager. Combining this two was great in meeting people, growing and building self-confidence. Helping to others offering excellent service is crucial in both career path. I have learned a lot from hospitality, what I can apply in Personal Training.

Finally, I became a Personal Trainer in the UK while I was a Bar Manager.

Beginning of 2019 I came back to Hungary to start as a Personal Trainer. This was one of the hardest decisions I made after moving to London. I made a great choice, as I have the chance again to help achieve their goals, motivate, give feedback to guests and work together.

The Evolution

Keeping up to date with fitness is very important, learn new things and understand the body more.

Since I came back, I finished FMS Level 1, Rehabilitation trainer course, Functional trainer course. And there is more on my list...

I believe, personal training is not just about losing weight, gain muscles, get fitter and so on. It is a lifestyle, mental and physical care, this is your time where you can release stress, forget about bad things. This is the time where you give a break to yourself and recharge with good and positive things and get the best out from you.

Unlock Your potential

Working together



Deep Squat

Tomi & Balu



Half Kneeling Press


Deep Squat

Lynn & Scott


Balu & Tomi

Wall sit


Mission accomplished

Gabor Juhasz

Personal Trainer

Berni Kovacs

Personal Trainer

VI. Dessewffy utca 35.
1066 Budapest, Hungary (HU)


Premier Global NASM - Personal Trainer REPS 3
Weider Professional - Functional trainer
TRX Trainer
Weider Professional - Rehabilitation trainer
Nutritional advisor
FMS Level 1

  Gabor Juhasz & Berni Kovacs - Personal Trainer - Budapest