This is not a diet...this is a lifestyle
Not for others... for myself
Not one day... but every single day

Not to make me feel good in my clothes ... but to make me feel good in my skin

Since I was 14 sports have been my passion and a significant part of my life. As a child, I didn’t have enough self-confidence, I was not satisfied with myself. I decided to change these and seek a solution to this constant problem, I set aside my inhibitions and excuses to embark on a new way of life that accompanies me throughout my life to this day. 

I have realized that sport and conscious nutrition could change an individual's character, thinking, and attitude completely in all areas of life.


I’ve tried many different sports like fitkid, hip-hop dancing, handball, karate, but I haven’t found myself in any of them.

Later on, I started doing aerobics at home, doing strength exercises, and running longer and longer distances. When my specific workout at home proved to be scarce, I became acquainted with the world of the gym, which became my passion from the first minute. Weight training exercises with my own weight and functional movements have opened up a lot of new opportunities for me.

Over the years, I have worked in many different areas, but there was one thing in common, communicating with people, caring, making an impact, raising awareness, selling.


 I have also participated in numerous training where I have been able to study people’s personality traits, way of thinking, the reason for their actions, and how they manifest themselves in different situations.

In my final year of high school, it was outlined in me that the way I treat people and my passion for sports form a perfect unity. Based on this, I continued my studies and still building my life and carrier./Since then, I have been continuously training myself, mastered the trainings of fitness-wellness instructor, personal trainer, functional trainer, rehabilitation trainer, military coach, and I am expanding my knowledge to this day because it is important for me to be informed and up-to-date on all topics.

I want as many people as possible to know the feeling of life, the joy, the freedom that sport can provide.

Do not forget, it is never too late to begin, it is only one decision that keeps you away to change your life entirely.

 Not for others... for myself

Working together




Deep Squat



Half Kneeling Press

Berni Kovacs

Personal Trainer

VI. Dessewffy utca 35.
1066 Budapest, Hungary (HU)


Premier Global NASM - Personal Trainer REPS 3
Weider Professional - Functional trainer
TRX Trainer
Weider Professional - Rehabilitation trainer
Nutritional advisor
FMS Level 1

  Berni Kovacs - Personal Trainer - Budapest